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Scientific developments for production

Employees of the Polesye Technopark (A. Kozyrem) and the Department of Industrial Fisheries and Processing of Fish Products (V. Yarmoshem) carried out work on testing a mechanical filter for the incubation workshop of Polesie Rybkhoz, which is branch of the department PRiPRP PolesSU.

The developed innovative parabolic mechanical filter allows you to effectively separate solid suspensions in industrial waters of the fish farm. Industrial tests of the created product showed its effectiveness: the required level of cleaning is provided, there is a system for removing filtered impurities, no flushing is required and there is no energy consumption.

The company's management, represented by director M. Lesyuk, became interested in the development, since it is planned to modernize the mechanical and biological filtration of the incubation line of the farm. Work on the scientific and technological substantiation of such a project and the modernization itself will be carried out by employees of the Polesie Technopark and the Department of Public Relations and Social Development of Polesie.


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