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Participation of Polessky State University in the EU Cluster Management Programme

The training of the World Bank's Cluster Management Education Programme Task Force on Component 1.1 Competitiveness Initiatives, as part of the European Union-funded Private Sector Development Support Programme in the Republic of Belarus, has been completed.

The training took place from October 2019 and the target training group had 40 participants. They included employees of republican government bodies, regional executive committees and city executive committees responsible for the formation and implementation of cluster policies at the national, regional and local levels. As a result of the training, the participants mastered the tools of strategic segmentation and the methodology of assessment and identification of cluster initiatives, and mastered the algorithm of actions for cluster formation.

Acquired professional competencies will enable its participants to act as national experts and multipliers in the field of cluster management, which will facilitate further large-scale deployment of regional economic clustering. Aleksey Kozyr, director of Polessky Technopark LLC science and technology park, took an active part in the program as head of the cluster development organization "Innovative Industrial Cluster in Biotechnology and Green Economy" based at Polessky State University. As a part of the program he successfully mastered the theoretical and practical component and received the diploma of "Cluster Improvement Manager".

Summing up the results of the target group training, Mr. Blair Lapres and Dmitriy Krupsky, curators of the educational program from the the World Bank and Ministry of Economy of Belarus, praised both the organization of the training and its quality, as well as the motivation of the target group.


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