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Participation in the seminar "Cultivation of organic berries in transboundary regions of Ukraine and Belarus"

On August 28, 2018, the cluster participants attended the third cross-border seminar "Cultivation of organic berries in transboundary regions of Ukraine and Belarus", which is being implemented as part of the international technical assistance project No. 83265657 "Formation of the business environment for the production of organic berries in the cross-border areas of Ukraine and Belarus".

The seminar was attended not only by Belarusian and Ukrainian farmers, but also by representatives of the state administration. In her opening remarks, the project manager Lyudmila Egorovna Sovik introduced the speakers and the most experienced and successful farmers in the field of berry production to the seminar participants. After that, Vasily Stefanovich Filipenko made a report on the potential of the Polesye region in the field of organic berries production, telling about the main possibilities of using the resources of the region.

Sergey Vasilievich Tynovets devoted his presentation to the cultivation of organic honeysuckle and blueberry. In his speech, Sergey Vasilievich outlined the main aspects of the cultivation of these crops: planting schemes, tillage, caring for plants, the main varieties of crops and their characteristics.
Nikolai Nikolayevich Bezruchenok, a science teacher of the project, told the participants of the seminar about the diseases and pests of blueberries and honeysuckle, as well as how to combat them, permitted in organic production.

Petrov Mikhailovich Skripchuk, director of the RCEC in Rovno, devoted his report to the cultivation of organic raspberries and strawberries. In his report, he touched upon the most important aspects of organic production of these crops.

Ruban Nikolai Nikolayevich, the head of the farm «Synyaya ptica», introduced the participants of the seminar to the peculiarities of creating a berry business in Belarus.

The invited expert Nikolai Boleslavovich Pavlovsky spoke about the berry crops adapted to the Polesia region. In his report, he also gave important tips on the cultivation of berry crops in the conditions of Polesye.

The leading specialist of the Brest Regional Agricultural Chemicalization Station, Vanda Voldemarovna Poboyneva, familiarized seminar participants with the current situation with agrochemical services for berry production in the Polesye region.

On the second day of the seminar, the participants visited OJSC Agro-Motol and the in vitro plant cloning laboratory to familiarize themselves with the practical aspects of berry organization.


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