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Participation in the seminar on the cultivation of organic berries in Rivne

On September 5-6, 2018, the cluster participants gathered at the third cross-border seminar "Cultivation of organic berries in the transboundary areas of Ukraine and Belarus", held in Rovno. The seminar was held within the project of the European Union "Formation of the business environment for the production of organic berries in the cross-border areas of Ukraine and Belarus" (the Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Program (EaPTC)).

The seminar participants discussed with leading Ukrainian specialists the issues of cultivation of organic blueberries, honeysuckle, raspberries and strawberries, got acquainted with new plant protection products and promising fertilizers. The representatives of the professional farming community were greatly interested in a production tour of the Volin Saprofos enterprise in the village of Shkrobi, Starovizhivsky district of the Volyn region. The company has established production of sapropel and production on its basis of organic fertilizer-certified.

Cluster representatives discussed the possibility of creating similar production in a cross-border region.


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