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Presentation of the biotechnological cluster "Polesye" at the conference “Development of the cluster system in Belarus: a look into the future”

On december 12, conference “Development of the cluster system in Belarus: a look into the future” was in Minsk, organized by the “Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named after Professor M. S. Kunyavsky”, the Ministry of Economy, the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Belarus and the Foreign Ministry .
The conference examined current trends in cluster development based on European and domestic experience, the results of cluster operations in Poland, identified opportunities and problems for creating clusters in Belarus, identified new cluster initiatives at the regional and sectoral levels, and outlined possible directions for the implementation of pilot projects.
The conference was attended by leading ministries and departments, representatives of business, science, education, technology parks, small business incubators, business associations, administrations of the FEZ, HTP, international organizations, the media.

During the conference, Lyudmila Sovik (professor of the Economics and Business Department, Polessky State University), a member of the Council of the Innovation-Industrial Cluster in the Field of Biotechnology and Green Economy, presented a report on the creation and main aspects of organizing the work of the cluster. The report stressed that the innovation and industrial cluster "Polesie" was created within the framework of the European project “Network of international cooperation in science, technology and innovation with the Eastern Partnership countries - PLUS” (december 2017 - september 2018), which was implemented jointly with the Polish transport and logistics cluster "North-South". The concept of the cluster interested the conference participants, including the founders of the cluster from the Podlaska Regional Development Fund (Poland), who came to Belarus to share their experience in cluster construction.


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